About #CookWithThis

What is our Mission?

The #CookWithThis Fresh Produce Program makes fresh produce available in various local neighborhoods at competitive prices. Whether we are setup in an affluent area or creating an oasis in local Food Deserts, we believe that everyone deserves access to healthy food options. Together, we will set a new standard for how our community collectively eats.


Our goal is to serve the local delivery area seven days per week.

All of our incoming product is inspected and accepted or rejected based on our high quality standards.

The #CookWithThis Campaign aims to:

  1. Get lower prices on the high quality produce you use
  2. Lower the cost of quality fresh produce for local residents
  3. Increase civic engagement around combating food deserts
  4. Connect local residents, chefs and restaurateurs and inspire them to cook and eat healthy

When you join our family of customers, you gain exclusive access to local partnerships, and promotional opportunities.